Why We Fundraise

Did you know that it costs $29,000 to send each Cuso International volunteer on an international placement? As a charity Cuso International raises funds to achieve our mission and that is why we ask each volunteer to contribute $2000 to support their own international experience. But don’t worry, many volunteers initially have the same concerns about fundraising as you do. Most are surprised at how quickly funds start flowing in and how soon they reach their target.

You don’t need to have fundraising experience. We have experienced fundraising staff to help you achieve your fundraising target. You can also choose to make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor to fulfill your fundraising commitment.

Right now, every dollar donated to Cuso International has the power of $10. Through our funders, each dollar is matched 10 times. So, for example, your gift of $25 becomes $250 or your gift of $100 becomes $1000.

Wonder how the money is used? Compassionate, globally-conscious volunteers and donors are helping Cuso International reduce poverty and inequality around the world. Because of your support our highly skilled volunteers and dedicated local partners can improve health and livelihoods and create safe, thriving communities. Please visit our website for details on Using Funds Effectively.