Fundraising Toolkit

We want to help you achieve your fundraising goal as easily as possible. That’s why we have experienced fundraising staff to help you create a campaign that plays to your strengths.

Here are 7 steps to get you started:

Step 1: Attend the Fundraising 101 Webinar

Step 2: Draft a Plan

Step 3: Make a Donation

Step 4: Personalize your Fundraising Page

  • Tell your donors why this placement is important to you, explain what you will be doing, what impact you hope to make and what you hope to learn
  • Upload a photo or a video to your page, videos can help you raise more money!
  • Remember to include an ask in your message!

Step 5: Share your Fundraising Page with your Network

  • Think about who you will ask for support, friends and family, co-workers or classmates, teams, clubs, religious groups, local business etc.
  • Tailor your email to suit the group and send the link to your fundraising page widely
  • Use social media channels to reach your network (post photos as they’ll get more traction!)
  • Remember to ask more than once, people get busy and forget but reminders help keep you top of mind

Step 6: Host an Event

  • Consider hosting a farewell dinner party, serve food from the country you’re going to and charge admission!
  • Are you a part of a sports team, club, or organization? Consider an activity that could engage the group

Step 7: Thank your Donors

  • Whether it is by phone, letter, email or video message be sure to thank your donors immediately and sincerely for their support
  • Tell your donors what their donation has meant to you and Cuso International

How ever you choose to go about your fundraising, we are here to support you along the way. Please be in touch with Amie Gibson at or by phone at +1.888.434.2876 x245. We can provide you with materials, fundraising tips, motivation and a brainstorming partner!