Frequently Asked Questions

A. Did you know that it costs $29,000 to send each Cuso International volunteer on an international placement? As a charity Cuso International raises funds to achieve our mission and that is why we ask each volunteer to contribute $2000 to support their own international experience. But don’t worry, many volunteers initially have the same concerns about fundraising as you do. Most are surprised at how quickly funds start flowing in and how soon they reach their target.

You don’t need to have fundraising experience. We have experienced fundraising staff to help you achieve your fundraising target. You can also choose to make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor to fulfill your fundraising commitment.

Right now, every dollar donated to Cuso International has the power of $10. Through our funders, each dollar is matched 10 times. So, for example, your gift of $25 becomes $250 or your gift of $100 becomes $1000.

A. Funds raised by volunteers go towards sustaining our organization so that we can continue to send volunteers and make a difference around the world. Please visit our website for details on Using Funds Effectively.

A. While you are free to fundraise before, during, and after your placement, you will find most success if you do your fundraising before your placement begins. The fundraising process will help you tell your network about what you will be doing and help Cuso International to tell our story and build awareness.

A. Yes! You or someone you know can make a gift of $2000 on your fundraising page. The donation can also be made through a monthly gift or you can mail in a cheque. Cheques can be made out to 'Cuso International' and mailed to: Cuso International, 44 Eccles Street #200, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6S4. Or you can donate by phone with your credit card (1-888-434-2876 ext. 222).

Your donation will be processed in US dollars and is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law through Friends of Cuso International; a 501 (c)3 charity which issues tax receipts valid to American citizens.

A. All donations of $10 or more will automatically receive a charitable tax receipt. Your donation will be processed in US dollars and is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law through Friends of Cuso International; a 501 (c)3 charity which issues tax receipts valid to American citizens.

Please note that these US fundraising pages generate a US tax receipt. If a donor requires a Canadian tax receipt they must donate via our Canadian donation page.

A. Yes, we accept donations from all over the world! Our fundraising pages will generate US tax receipts. Canadian donors are eligible to receive a tax receipt but they must donate via our Canadian donation page. If donors are outside Canada or the US we can accept their gift but the tax receipt they receive will be US via these pages.

A. You will get two hours of fundraising training in the form of a 1-hour Fundraising 101 Webinar and 1-hour at SKWID training face-to-face in Ottawa before you depart. You will also receive a personalized online fundraising page where your network can donate directly to your campaign online. You can personalize your message, add photos and videos, send out emails and thank donors and track your progress. Check out our Top Fundraisers Wall of Fame for some great examples of successful fundraising pages. Individual fundraising support is provided by our Fundraising Officer, Amie Gibson whose role is to support your success.

A. Yes, you can donate your expenses (from pre-departure costs) and it will count toward your fundraising. Please submit your claim form along with original receipts to your Volunteer Mobilization Advisor and indicate on the form what you’d like to donate.

A. It’s best to use one individual page. That way your mutual friends don’t have to choose to support one or the other. Set your goal at $4000 and write your message from the two of you. Then you’ll just have one link to send everyone and all of your efforts will total on one page.

A. The fundraising expectation is for selected volunteers only. If you have an accompanying partner or children, your fundraising amount remains at $2000. But it’s a great idea to include your partner and child in your fundraising! Sometimes your partner can be an invaluable addition to your fundraising team!

A. Alumni who re-volunteer with Cuso International are expected to fundraise or donate $2000. Regardless of the length of time in between placements, there is a $2000 fundraising expectation for each new placement. Individual fundraising support is provided by our Fundraising Officer, Amie Gibson who can help you design a fundraising plan that will be successful.

A. Most volunteers choose to fundraise online via their personalized fundraising page and promote their page through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Write a clear message on your page, add a video or a photo and share it widely!

To supplement their fundraising, we also see our volunteers donating their expenses and making monthly contributions. The other way volunteers fundraise is to host a small event or activity prior to their departure. Try a farewell dinner to get some last-minute support. If you need help or want to talk to someone about your fundraising plan be in touch with our Fundraising Officer, Amie Gibson.

A. If fundraising is new to you it’s not uncommon to have some hesitation but we have seen a lot of success from volunteers who have had similar concerns. You can’t predict why someone may or may not donate - people may give because you asked, or are moved by the work or simply for a tax receipt. The important thing is to ask and see what happens!

If you don’t have a large network why not try a local business, a service club, or a foundation. Contact Amie Gibson for letter templates and to strategize.

A. It’s up to you to communicate the reasons why you are fundraising. You are asking your network to join you in supporting an organization that you believe in and whose values and beliefs match your own. The funds that you raise will ensure that Cuso International can continue to make a difference in countries around the world by sending volunteers on placements like yours.

Your message doesn’t have to center around your placement but rather focus on Cuso International and the work that is being done. Share information with your network about your partner organization, the challenges they experience, the need you will fulfill and the expected impact that will be made. You can reassure your donors that they are contributing to the well-being of beneficiary communities by mobilizing hundreds of volunteer professionals who work with local partners to create positive, lasting change.

A. Fundraising Milestones are colorful badges that appear on your fundraising page. You can unlock these badges as you work toward your goal! See the full list of Milestones and how you can achieve them. If you have reached a Fundraising Milestone but have not received your badge please tell us! Email Amie.